July 23, 2019



Former San Francisco 49ers head athletic trainer will help drive expansion plans of WellStrong and 49ers co-branded physical therapy and rehab centers across the region

CARLSBAD, Calif. (July 23, 2019) – WellStrong, an innovator in sports medicine, physical therapy, and injury prevention management services, announced today the appointment of Jeff Ferguson as its new Vice President of Operations. Ferguson brings a wealth of professional athlete experience to this newly minted role for WellStrong having held the position of head athletic trainer for the San Francisco 49ers for the previous 13 seasons.

The appointment of Jeff Ferguson strengthens the partnership between WellStrong and the San Francisco 49ers, who joined forces in September 2017, to provide professional athlete level treatment and prevention for sports-related injuries at affordable prices to the public sector. Prior to working for the 49ers, Ferguson worked in orthopedics as the manager of athletic team development with BREG, specializing in sports medicine bracing.

“We are pleased to be adding this new VP of Operations role to our organization and bringing Jeff Ferguson onboard to help WellStrong grow its presence in the physical therapy and rehabilitation space throughout the Bay Area,” said Scott Leggett, co-founder of WellStrong. “Jeff brings extensive professional athlete management experience to the organization and has operated at the highest level of professional sport, and we are excited for him to bring that level of oversight to our brand. Jeff will help develop new facilities and programs for all levels of athletes whether they are a weekend warrior, or an aspiring professional athlete coming up the ranks, each deserving of having access to top-level physical therapy at a reasonable cost.”

Affiliates of WellStrong, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, and medical assistants receive crosstraining and best practice education from the 49ers professional team members whose expertise has been honed in athlete recovery and rehabilitation. Ferguson will oversee the collaboration between WellStrong and the 49ers to offer professional athlete level physical therapy in the public domain.

“I am excited to be joining the WellStrong team in this new role,” said Jeff Ferguson, VP of Operations of WellStrong. “To be able to build on my professional career with the 49ers and bring what I’ve learned over the past 13 seasons to the public sector is very satisfying. I’m passionate about helping athletes meet their goals and return to their respective athletic arenas. It is extremely rewarding to now be able to use my expertise to help athletes of all ages and skill sets, and I can’t wait for this next chapter of my career to begin.”

In his new role, Ferguson will focus on strategic planning, project management, operations, profitability and development of the facilities and new partnership. The VP of Operations will support the company’s plans for growth by developing marketing initiatives which support new and existing partnerships and facilities with the 49ers. Ferguson will have responsibility for the recruitment and development of professional services, creating a ‘best practice’ formula for new locations and team personnel.

“Jeff is extremely accomplished in his field, having spent the last 13 years caring for employees of the 49ers organization, both on and off the football field,” said Paraag Marathe, President of 49ers Enterprises and EVP of Football Operations. “With experience in the private sector and in collegiate athletics, Jeff was simply the perfect fit to tackle this new position with WellStrong and our co-branded physical therapy and rehabilitation centers.”

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About WellStrong and San Francisco 49ers
WellStrong strives to add value to its patients, physicians, and partners. WellStrong and its affiliates are driven to provide professional athlete-level care through its experienced team, cutting-edge technology, and facilities. WellStrong’s belief is that movement is medicine, and its goal is to help individuals achieve their highest level of performance. A partnership between WellStrong and the San Francisco 49ers was formed in September 2017 to provide professional-athlete level treatment and prevention for sports-related injuries at affordable prices.

Patients can visit a 49ers-branded state-of-the-art physical therapy and sports rehabilitation facility – in Monterey and now Santa Clara – where WellStrong’s licensed physicians, physical therapists, certified athletic trainers, and medical assistants operate having received cross-training and ‘best practice’ education from experienced 49ers team members.